when i first attempted to cut a mango i thought it was no big deal.  but i knew about mid-chop that i wasn't doing something right.  i took to google to see if there was a method to cutting mangos.  low and behold there was.  so, here are directions for properly cutting a mango so you don't end up butchering your mango like i did. mango seeds are very large and flat.  you will notice that there are 2 flat sides to a mango, so first:

  • slice the mango lengthwise, along the flat side next to the seed
  • turn the mango over  and repeat on the other side
  • set the piece with the seed aside
  • next, you are going to make cross-hatch pattern being careful not to cut through the skin of the mango
  • repeat on the other piece of mango
  • now you have 2 pieces with cross-hatch slices
  • turn them inside out by pushing the skin side up - it should look like a turtle shell
  • using a paring knife, cut the chunks of mango from the skin
  • take the piece of mango with the seed - cut the remaining flesh from the seed and cut into chunks

1 mango will likely yield 1 cup